New CPT code changes in 2017 for Diagnostic and Screening mammogram.

Radiology facility has some very important CPT codes in 2017. Yes, this time we have some CPT codes introduced in radiology section. There are no changes in ultrasound, MRI, CT section. But, the screening and diagnostic mammogram has new CPT codes in 2017. Old mammogram codes will not be used from 2017. So, let us learn more about the new CPT codes changes of 2017 for medical coders.

New CPT code changes in 2017 for Diagnostic and Screening mammogram.

New CPT codes in 2017

Major changes in CPT codes has happened in surgery section. If you are an Interventional radiology coder (IVR) you will have to really learn many new codes in 2017. From 2016, the old CPT codes for angioplasty except for lower extremity are deleted. There are new CPTcodes for angioplasty in 2017 for IVR coders. Also, the radiological Supervision and interpretation (RS&I) of angioplasty CPT codes are deleted. The new CPT codes will bundle all the RS&I. As I have mentioned, there are new CPT codes for diagnostic and screening mammogram, so let us check out them.

New CPT code description for Diagnostic and Screening Mammogram

The new CPT codes are has similar code description like old codes. Only, the major difference is the inclusion of CAD (computer-aided detection) code with the mammogram CPT code. So, the old mammogram and CAD codes will get deleted from 2017. The new CPT codes description of mammogram is given below.

77065 Diagnostic mammography, including computer-aided detection (CAD) when performed; unilateral

77066 Bilateral

77067 Screening mammography, bilateral (2-view study of each breast), including computer-aided detection (CAD) when performed

Continue using HCPCS G codes for diagnostic and Screening Mammogram for Medicare patients. You can use G0202, G0204 and G0206 in 2017 as well for mammogram.

Do and Don’t with Diagnostic and Screening Mammogram CPT code

Do not search or use an CAD code with mammogram CPT codes, it is included in the mammogram procedure code.

Use 52 modifier while coding for screening mammogram unilateral (77067-52). Since, we have only bilateral CPT code for screening mammogram, we have to use 52 modifier with CPT code for unilateral exam for reduced services.

Do not use diagnostic and screening mammogram CPT codes together. It is not possible to perform both exam together.  

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