Coding Medical terms using ICD 10 and CPT codes

Now, as we all know that there is coding in the medical field as well. Generally coding work is more common with software engineers. But, medical coding is the field where medical terms are coded using unique codes. These medical terms include the diagnosis, diseases or disorders which are usually coded with a unique alphanumeric code. These codes are called as ICD (International Classification of Diseases) codes. Currently we are using ICD 10 codes for coding medical terms or diagnosis. Now, as we are not familiar with the new ICD 10 codes, we will try to learn more in detail.

Coding Medical terms using ICD 10 and CPT codes

Coding Medical terms in ICD 10

Before ICD 10, we were using ICD 9 codes. There is lot of difference between ICD 9 and ICD 10 codes. The new ICD 10 codes are very specific. You can find a ICD 10 code for any specific medical term in diagnosis coding. But, ICD 9 codes are not so specific. In ICD 10, you have specific codes for laterality, specific weeks of gestation, trimester, specific codes for injuries and fracture etc. Hence, diagnosis coding in ICD 10 has almost covered all the medical terms in medical coding. If you want to know more about ICD 10, just pick a book of ICD 10 and find out everything about it. In simple terms, these codes are used for coding all the specific disorder or diseases present in the patient medical report. Now, I hope you have understood coding medical terms in medical field. If you know any medical coder, you can just ask him, he or she will tell you more in detail about ICD 10 coding and how important they in 
healthcare industry.

CPT codes in Medical coding terms

The procedures codes are basically called as CPT (Current Procedural Terminology) codes. These CPT codes are important in medical coding. The coding medical terms in diagnosis or ICD coding needs a support of CPT codes. The CPT codes are coded on the basis of the procedural exam performed by the physician for the presented diagnosis of the patient. For example, if a patient comes with Abdominal pain (R10.9) diagnosis or problem to physician. The physician then performs a X-ray of Abdomen, one view (74000) to find out the cause of abdomen pain. So, here we have coded a diagnosis (R10.9) as well a procedure code or cpt code (74000). Also, the diagnosis should meet the medical necessity for the procedure code. Like for example, if you have a chest pain and the physician performs a x-ray of leg. Now, here the chest pain will not go for the medical necessity for leg x-ray exam, because a leg x ray will never be taken for find a cause for chest pain. So, the main reason for coding medical terms and procedure codes is that, both should complement and meet each other necessity in order to get paid from the payer or insurance company.

Medical billing and Coding Certification exam

AAPC and AHIMA are the best organization which conducts examination in medical billing and coding department for medical coders. The most common exams are CPC (Certified Professional Coder) from AAPC and CCS (Certified Coding Specialist) from AHIMA. If you clear these exams, you will then be called as Certified Medical coder or specialist. These exams also help in increasing your salary as medical coder. There is a big difference in average medical coder salary of a certified and non-certified coder. Hence, if you are really looking to make a career in medical coding, do clear these exams for the growth of your career.

Hope, now you have a clear picture about coding medical terms in healthcare insurance sector. If you want to learn more about ICD 10 and CPT codes just read more articles in this blog and clarify all your doubts. Do share your thoughts in the comment section.

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