Basics coding Terms used for CPT code for Angiography

As a medical coder, if you should always follow the ICD and CPT coding guidelines. Even, if have the basic knowledge about any facility, you can easily code that facility. Coming to surgery coding, Interventional Radiology (IVR) facility is very interesting to learn. As I have shared many difficult topics like selective and non-selective catheterization, Selective angiography coding etc. you will now feel IVR facility a little easy to code. If you want to learn how to code different CPT codes of angiography, you have just learn first few basic terms. These terminologies are used frequently in coding vascular surgery reports.

Basics coding Terms used for CPT code for Angiography

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Common terms used in Coding Angiography

Angiography is a imaging study of blood vessel. Now, while coding artery and vein angiogram, we use different terms. For arteries, arteriogram or arteriography is used and for vein, venogram or venography is used. Also, for coding Vascular catheterization CPT codes, the access point is very important to reach out to the correct CPT Codes. Here, access is the place from the catheter enters into your body. So, now in short we have learnt below terms used in vascular coding.

Access          -    The place where the catheter enters the body
Angiogram –   imaging exam of the vessel
Arteriogram – imaging exam of an artery
Venogram –    Imaging exam of a vein

A very common method is used for inserting a Catheter called as Seldinger technique. You will always come across all these terms while coding vascular surgery reports.


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