Free Sample CPC Questions & Answers for Medical coders

1.    Which is proper coding for repair of a type II SLAP?
A.    29822
B.    29823
C.    29807
D.    29999

Free Sample CPC Questions & Answers for Medical coders

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2. The provider performs an arthroscopic distal claviculectomy with the removal of 1 cm from the clavicle on the left shoulder. A subacromial bursectomy and a type I SLAP repair are also performed on the same shoulder. How would this be coded?
A.    29824, +29826
B.    29822
C.    29824
D.    29807, 29824

3. The patient in question No. 3 returns for further intervention. Nephrostogram is performed via the existing nephrostomy tube identifying fragmentation of the existing ureteral stent. The nephrostomy tube is removed and discarded. Via this access, the ureteral stent fragments are snared and removed from the body. A new ureteral stent is placed over the wire. A new nephrostomy tube is placed to complete the procedure. Code the procedure(s).
A.    50693
B.    50431, 50693
C.    50382
D.    50382, 50435
4. A female patient is diagnosed with childhood schizophrenia. Which of the following is the correct diagnosis in ICD-10-CM?
A.    F84.0
B.    F84.2
C.    F84.5
D.    F84.8
5. A patient presents with fever, cough, and rigors. He is admitted with the diagnoses of severe sepsis with acute organ dysfunction, pneumonia, COPD exacerbation, and hypoxia. Severe sepsis with elevated lactate, community-acquired pneumonia, COPD exacerbation, and severe hypoxemia are listed on the discharge summary. How is this coded?
A.    A41.9, R65.20, J18.9, J44.1, R09.02
B.    A41.9, J18.9, J44.1, R09.02
C.    A41.89, J18.9, J44.9
D.    A41.89, R65.20, J18.9, J44.9

6. A single provider performs lumbar injection of contrast and radiological supervision and interpretation for thoracic and lumbar myelography. Proper coding is:
A.    62305
B.    62303, 62304
C.    62284, 62305
D.    62284, 72255, 72265

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