Amazing Coding tips for Root Operation Occlusion

Basics about Root operation Occlusion

Occlusion has a root operation value of ‘L’ and is defined as completely closing an orifice or the lumen of a tubular body part. This root operation is reported when the main objective of the procedure is to block the lumen of a tubular structure or close off an orifice completely so as to prevent passage through the opening or tube.The main objective to code restriction and occlusion is to narrow the diameter or to block the opening or lumen completely. For example, Embolization procedure perfectly fits for restriction or occlusion. Tumor embolization is coded as an occlusion since the objective is to cut off the blood supply to the tumor completely in therapeutic treatment. The coder will need to search documentation to verify the objective of the procedure as well as the method. Some examples of occlusion procedures include ligation of veins, fistulas, or a failed AV graft; fallopian tube occlusion; and uterine artery embolization.

Amazing Coding tips for Root Operation Occlusion

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Sample report for Root operation Occlusion

PREOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS: A 39 week gestation, previous cesarean section, desires repeat with permanent sterilization.

POSTOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS: A 39 week gestation, previous cesarean section, desires repeat with permanent sterilization.

PROCEDURE: Repeat low-transverse cesarean section with bilateral tubal ligation.




FINDINGS: Live-born infant, Apgars 9 at 1, 9 at 5, 7 pounds 8 ounces. Normal uterus, ovaries, and fallopian tubes bilaterally.

PROCEDURE IN DETAIL: The patient was taken to the operating room and after adequate spinal anesthesia was achieved, was prepped and draped as a sterile field. A Foley catheter had been previously placed. A Pfannenstiel incision was made through the old scar and carried down to the fascia sharply. The fascia was incised in the midline with a scalpel and extended laterally with Mayo scissors. The fascia was dissected off the underlying rectus muscles sharply. The rectus muscles were separated. The peritoneum was isolated and entered. The peritoneal incision was extended superiorly and inferiorly with Metzenbaum scissors and a bladder blade was placed. The peritoneum overlying the lower uterine segment was incised with Metzenbaum scissors to create a bladder flap behind which the bladder blade was placed. A 1-cm incision was made in the lower uterine segment with a scalpel and extended laterally in a blunt fashion. Infant's head was delivered and suctioned on the maternal abdomen. The body was delivered. The umbilical cord was clamped and cut, the baby was handed off to the awaiting nurse. The placenta was manually delivered and the uterus was externalized. The uterine cavity was wiped clean with a lap pad and noted to be devoid of any retained placental fragments. The uterine incision was closed with a running locking #1 chromic suture. The right fallopian tube was doubly ligated in its ampullary region with 0 plain suture and a 1-centimeters segment was resected with Metzenbaum scissors. The same procedure was performed on the left fallopian tube. The uterus was returned to the abdomen, which was then irrigated with copious amounts of sterile saline, hemostasis at all operative sites was noted to be adequate at that time. The rectus muscles and peritoneum were reapproximated using interrupted 0 chromic sutures. The rectus fascia was closed with a running 0 Vicryl suture.
Subcutaneous tissue was closed with a running 2-0 plain suture. The skin incision was closed with a subcuticular 4-0 Vicryl suture and Dermabond. Once sponge and instrument counts were correct x3, the patient was taken to the LDRP in stable condition. The baby was also brought to the LDRP.


10D00Z1 -Extraction of Products of Conception, Low Cervical, Open Approach

Section - 1- obstetrics

Body system 0-pregnancy


Body part -0-products of conception

Approach- 0-open

Device- Z-device

Qualifier- 1-low cervical

0UL70ZZ - Occlusion of Bilateral Fallopian Tubes, Open Approach

Section-0-Medical and surgical

Body system-U-female reproductive system


Body part-7-fallopian tubes, bilateral

Approach- 0-open

Device-Z-no device

Qualifier-Z-No Qualifier

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