Awesome Guide for ICD 10 code chest pain

Basics about ICD 10 for Chest pain

Since chest pain is very commonly coded in medical coding, we should all know the ICD 10 codes for chest pain. As we search for the ICD 10 code for chest pain, we will come to know other specific codes for chest pain. Most of the scenarios the patient comes with atypical chest pain, substernal chest pain or chest discomfort, for all such symptoms we have a other specific ICD 10 code, R07.89. There are many synonyms present of coding this ICD 10 code, R07.89, which I have shared later in this post. So, let us check out commonly used ICD 9 and ICD 10 code for chest pain and how they are arranged in codebooks.

Awesome Guide for ICD 10 chest pain

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ICD 9 CM code for Chest pain

786.50 – chest pain, unspecified
786.59 – other specified , chest pain

ICD 10 CM code for Chest pain

        chest - R07.89
    Pain (s) - R52 — See also Painful
        chest (central) - R07.9
            anterior wall - R07.89
            atypical - R07.89
            musculoskeletal - R07.89
            non-cardiac - R07.89
            wall (anterior) - R07.89
        chest - R07.89
    Syndrome — See also Disease
            chest wall - R07.89
    Tight, tightness
        chest - R07.89
As you can see above, how the codes are arranged in codebooks. Medical coders can easily reach to the ICD 10 codes for chest pain.

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ICD 10 CM codes for Breathing Chest pain & Pleurodynia

These codes are always direct codes in codebooks. We have to just code as per the documentation given in the medical report. As we all know, correct documentation can only help in finding a specific ICD 10. Here as well the ICD 10 code for chest pain should be specific as per physician documentation.

R07.1- Chest pain on breathing or respiration
R07.81- Pleurodynia
R07.2 – Precordial pain
R07.82 – intercostal pain

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Synonyms for ICD 10 code for chest pain

There are many different names for chest pain. Hence, whenever you come across to below synonyms, do search in the ICD 10 CM codebook, to find the most specific diagnosis code for chest pain.

ICD 10 chest pain

Anterior chest wall pain
Atypical chest pain
Central chest pain
Central crushing chest pain
Chest discomfort
Chest pain at rest
Chest pain on exertion
Chest wall pain
Chest wall tenderness
Sternoclavicular joint pain
substernal chest pain
 chronic chest pain

Chest pain
    Chest pain on exertion
    Chest pain, localized
    Exertional chest pain
    Localized chest pain

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Main causes for Chest pain ICD 10 code

There are many disease which causes chest pain. Mostly, the lung and chest disease causes chest pain. Also, sometimes any problem with esophagus can also causes a discomfort in chest. Any injury present in rib bones can also cause pain in the chest region. Below are the most common causes of chest pain ICD 10 code

  • Heart problems such as angina and heart attacks
  • Lung diseases, such as pneumonia, pleurisy, or pulmonary embolism
  • Costochondritis - an inflammation of joints in your chest
For more information about  ICD 10 coding, coder can refer below website as well. 

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