How to become a Perfect ICD 10 coder?: Read this

ICD 10 codes are very different from ICD 9 codes. Yes, the number of diagnosis codes have increase significantly in ICD 10 codes, but these codes are more specific than ICD 9 codes. Medical coders including the CPC certified coders, who are still struggling to learn these ICD 10 codes, they just need to focus on few techniques. Yes, it is not difficult to become a perfect ICD 10 coder, we just have to follow the coding guidelines, which are still the same. I have been coding ICD 10 codes from last few months, and I want to share few tips and techniques which can help you improving your skills in ICD 10 coding.

How to become a Perfect ICD 10 coder?: Read this

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Coding for Status or Aftercare codes

In ICD 9, we use to use V codes for status and aftercare. But, in ICD 10 these V codes have been replaced with Z codes. These codes should be used very carefully, because some of these Z codes are always used as primary diagnosis or PDx. If you struggling to find the ICD 10 Z codes, you can map ICD 9 V-code and find out the Z code in ICD 10. This is the easiest way to find the perfect status or Aftercare code. If you are good in coding Z codes, it will help in preparing for CPC certification exam, which usually have few questions from this topic.

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Coding for Pregnancy complications

This was a big headache for me in ICD 9 coding. But, ICD 10 has decreased my headache, because of the codes specificity. Earlier, we use to use only one code for coding any complication in pregnancy. But, ICD 10 coding has included a Z3A category codes, which need to be used with pregnancy complications codes. Z3A category codes needs to followed by pregnancy complication codes. These Z3A category codes specify about the weeks of gestation. In ICD 9, we had only codes based on antepartum, postpartum or unspecified episode of care. But, ICD 10 we have separate ICD 10 codes for for first, second, third and unspecified trimester, followed by specific weeks of gestation code (Z3A).

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Coding for Injuries

This is one of the most tough topic in ICD 10 coding. As you can see the new injury codes have been increased widely. The ICD 10 injury codes have been more specified on initial, subsequent encounter or sequela. The 7th character in ICD 10 code for injury gives more information. Below, is the detail about the 7th character used

  • A, initial encounter for fracture
  • D, subsequent encounter for fracture with routine healing
  • G, subsequent encounter for fracture with delayed healing
  • K, subsequent encounter for fracture with nonunion
  • P, subsequent encounter for fracture with malunion
  • S, sequela

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