Sample Coded Chart for CPT code 74250

Recently we have seen there have been few changes with CPT codes for upper gastrointesinal (GI) exam in radiology in 2016. The radiology procedure CPT codes 74240 to 74250 the CPT codes have been revised and included "images" in their code description. For example the code descriptions for CPT code 74250 is now will be

74250- Radiologic examination, small intestine, includes multiple serial films images;

Sample Coded Chart for CPT code 74250

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you can learn more about this CPT code with the sample report coded below. 


CLINICAL DATA: Recent melena, history of Crohn's disease

Following ingestion of thin barium, serial small bowel images were
obtained including spot views of the terminal ileum.

FLUOROSCOPY TIME: Radiation Exposure Index (as provided by the
fluoroscopic device): 16.41 mGy

If the device does not provide the exposure index:

Fluoroscopy Time (in minutes and seconds): 0 minutes, 24 seconds

Number of Acquired Images: 9

The scout film revealed a normal bowel gas pattern. There are
surgical clips in the right mid and upper abdomen. The bony
structures are unremarkable.

The patient ingested the barium preparation without difficulty.
Initially there was mild prominence of the mucosal folds of the
jejunum but these were normal on subsequent images. Over the course
of approximately 30 minutes barium passed to the right colon. The
jejunum and ileum demonstrated a normal mucosal pattern. There was
no tenderness to palpation. The terminal ileum was visualized and
was normally distensible and exhibited normal peristalsis. No
abnormal bowel loop separation was demonstrated.

Normal small bowel follow through examination.


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