Secret Coding tips for Follow up ICD 10 Codes

The follow-up codes are mostly confused with the aftercare ICD 10 codes. In addition, with the implementation of ICD 10 injury codes, this has created more confusion. You all want to how these new injury codes are messing up everywhere, keep reading you will get the answer. As you all know we have the 7th character alphabet for initial (A), subsequent (D) and sequela (S) for all the injury ICD 10 codes. I know we all are struggling to use these updated injury codes but these codes are not that difficult to use. Previously we have learnt about normal and outcome of delivery ICD 10 codes for pregnancy, now will focus on followup visit ICD 10 codes. Let us check more in detail about follow up ICD 10 codes and injury codes.

Secret Coding tips for Follow up ICD 10 Codes

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How to differentiate between follow-up and Injury ICD 10 codes

Follow up codes are mainly used to explain the continuing surveillance following completed treatment of a disease, condition, or injury. These codes tell us that, the condition is fully treated and hence no longer exists. However, I have already shared some secret coding tips for ICD 10 codes but still many of us get confused with injury codes, because medical coders consider the follow-up visit as the subsequent visit or encounter to explain the ongoing care for the condition. So, one to be very clear about when to use follow up ICD 10 codes and injury codes. Z codes are used for follow up visits. We have already how we can use Z codes and become expert in ICD 10 coding. Let us check the ICD 10 codes used for follow up in diagnosis coding

Z08 - Encounter for follow-up examination after completed treatment for malignant neoplasm

Z09 - Encounter for follow-up examination after completed treatment for conditions other than malignant neoplasm

Z39 - Encounter for maternal postpartum care and examination

Point to remember while coding Follow up codes

If a patient is coming for follow up visit, follow up ICD 10 codes should be sequenced first, followed by any history code. If the condition is again reoccurred during the follow-up visit, in that case we will code the condition in place of the follow up.

Always remember, we cannot assign follow up code, until the condition has been full treated or removed from the body.

Do remember to use ICD 10 Z codes for history codes of the condition, which gives full information about the healed condition.

Do not forget to use additional code with Z08, to identify any acquired absence of organs (Z90.-) or to identify the personal history of malignant neoplasm (Z85.-).

Do not forget to Use additional code to identify any applicable history of disease code (Z86.-, Z87.-). It has some Excludes1 which are aftercare following medical care (Z43-Z49, Z51) surveillance of contraception (Z30.4-) surveillance of prosthetic and other medical devices (Z44-Z46)

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