When to code Abdominal Aortogram with runoff cpt code

abdominal aortogram with runoff cpt code
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Abdominal aortogram study

Study of Aortogram is very complex for medical coders. For coders who want to pursue a career in coding should really know how these procedures are performed. Such tips can help to appear and clear CPC exams in future.Abdominal aortogram used generally to study aorta region. Study is similar like coding for CPT code for angiogram which includes injection of contrast and taking their images. To study aorta, contrast medium injected to obtain images to examine the aorta. The images helps in finding any abnormality related to aorta. Abdominal aortogram lies above the bifurcation for lower extremity. The contrast injected in abdominal aortogram also flows into the arteries of lower extremities, helping us to study arteries of both legs. Now, to code the abdominal aortogram cpt code we have to check whether it is runoff study or not.  We usually used two codes for abdominal aortogram.

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Cpt code for abdominal aortogram with runoff- 75630
Cpt Code for abdominal aortogram without runoff- 75625
Now, to find out the difference between these two codes, we have to check the position of the catheter. 

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Procedure performed for abdominal aortogram with runoff

As I have already told about selective and non-selective catheterization codes, this concept will help us to understand this procedure. When, we are taking an access and moving the catheter towards the aorta, the catheter position is non-selective. Therefore, when the catheter reaches the aorta we take it as non-selective catheterization. The CPT Code for abdominal aorta catherization is 36200. Now, when the catheter reached to abdominal aorta at the point of study, the contrast medium injected into the abdominal aorta and take numbers of continuous films through the aorta. Now, at the same time the flow of contrast enter lower extremities and its runoff into the arteries of both legs. Therefore, here we get to study both abdominal aorta and arteries of both legs with the injection of contrast from a single point.
So, this study considered as runoff study. Therefore, the final CPT code of abdominal aortogram with runoff along the catheterization is 36200, 75630.

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Procedure performed for abdominal aortogram without runoff

Everything remains the same here. The catheter placed similarly as discussed above. However, when it reaches the aorta the contrast injected in different positions. When, the aorta reaches the abdominal aortogram, the contrast medium injected from one point of study. When the contrast medium injected, the catheter moves again to another position and comes to a point where aorta divided into left and right lower extremity. Here, again a contrast medium injected to study the arteries of both legs. Now, here the catheter moves from one place to another to study abdominal aorta and bilateral lower extremity. On the contrary, in runoff study, the contrast medium injected at one point to study both abdominal aorta and bilateral lower extremity without moving the catheter.
Now, if we have to code the abdominal aortogram cpt code for this study along with catheterization, it will be 36200, 75625, and 75716.
Hope, now you can code abdominal aortogram CPT Code with or without runoff easily.

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Does anyone know what are the requirements in Texas are to bill these codes for a cardiologist when performed in the hospital setting?

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i think you can visit CMS website to learn about billing these codes about abdominal aortogram with runoff...you can get many information about US healthcare.