Superb tips for coding Normal and Outcome of Delivery ICD 10 codes

ICD 10 has very specific codes in pregnancy. If you have gone through the ICD 10 codes, you will know that for each trimester we have separate ICD 10 code. Now, as we are going to learn about normal delivery ICD 10 codes, it will be good if you know few basic changes in Pregnancy chapter. The increase in number of ICD 10 codes is mainly because of Pregnancy and Injury codes. You will be shocked to know the number of codes difference between previous ICD 9 and ICD 10 codes. There are few coding tips to remember for ICD10 codes. We have already learn about use of status Z codes in ICD 10 and now we will learn about normal pregnancy delivery code. Below are few additional codes added in pregnancy chapter.

Codes for specific Trimester
Codes for specific gestation period of Z3A category
Codes for Unspecified trimester

Superb tips for coding Normal and Outcome of Delivery ICD 10 codes

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Use of ICD 10 code O80

The code O80 is used only for when there is encounter for Normal delivery.  This code should not be used when there is a postpartum complication. The code O80 is always needs to be used as principal diagnosis. The normal delivery codes must have to be followed by the Z3A category codes. These category codes are used to specify the weeks of gestation of pregnancy. Z3A category should be always used as secondary code. Do remember never use O80 code when there is a complication present. No code should be used from chapter 15, which denotes the complication of antepartum, delivery or postpartum period along with Normal delivery O80 ICD 10 code.
O80 – Encounter for Full-term uncomplicated delivery
O82 - Encounter for cesarean delivery without indication

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Use of Outcome of Delivery ICD 10 code

Outcome of Delivery codes should be used only for maternal record and not on newborn. These codes are also used as secondary codes along with chapter 15 codes or pregnancy complication codes. They are also used with normal or cesarean delivery codes O80 or O82, when there is a healthy live birth occurs.  For example, Z37.0 ICD 10 code is used for single live birth. This Z37.0 can be used as secondary code with normal and complication codes, as long as a healthy single live baby is born. This outcome of delivery codes should not be used as primary and always should be followed by chapter 15 codes.

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