Best Websites to Gain Knowledge about Medical Coding

In today world you can learn anything if you are truly interested in any topic. Likewise, Medical coding is a field, which any one can learn if he or she wants to make a career in it. In today’s digital world, the information is so easily available in computer, mobile or internet so that anyone can learn anything. Coming back to the topic, if you are really want to make a career in medical coding  do research in internet, there are so many medical coding forums, groups and websites available online including mine. I am here just to share few websites, which are very helpful and will seriously help you in preparing for AAPC and AHIMA exams. So, let us checkout those website.

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Best Websites to Gain Knowledge about Medical Coding

1. Medical coding websites:AAPC forums 

AAPC forums are available on AAPC website. They are freely available for anyone who wants to know about medical coding. AAPC forum has separate section divided on facilities like Emergency department, outpatient, General surgery, Interventional radiology etc. Here, you will get all the discussions and solutions for the entire common questions, which comes to your mind. Even, they have section to discuss how to prepare and clear CPC or any other certification exam. I am a member of AAPC and I never come across their discussion forum when I was preparing for medical coding certification exams. But, after going through their discussion forum I found it very helpful for freshers who want to learn about this field. The only restriction with AAPC forum is you can only read and gain knowledge but you cannot post any question or query, for that you have to become AAPC member first.

Justcoding : Medical coding Websites and Forum

This is my personal favorite website This has many helpful articles for medical coders, which can be helpful for certification exams. Once of the best things about is they they give free quizzes. These quizzes are very interesting to solve. These questions will be very help for preparing for Medical coding certification exams. In addition, the articles published in this website are helpful. These articles are helpful to improve you coding skills. In addition, they have another website like them called This is also one good place for getting good source of knowledge about medical coding. : Medical Coding Websites

AAOS stand for American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. This website is also very good source of information for Surgery Coders. They have some great articles, which will really improve your skills in surgery coding. I have read few of them and felt this is a great place to gain knowledge about Surgery CPT Codes. : Medical coding Websites

American College of Radiology has lot of good information for Radiology coder. You can clear all your doubts from articled published in this website. I would suggest you to prefer this website whenever you have a doubt in radiology coding. : Medical coding Websites, forums and Quizes

This website is very great They do not have article like the above website to clear you doubt but they have free quizzes for coders. These quizzes are very good to clear you doubt about CPT, ICD or modifiers. Also, they are some operative charts for surgery coders which you can try to solve .  All and all this is a great website for coders who are preparing for certification exam.

Americanmedicalcoding : Medical coding Websites

Americanmedicalcoding is one of the best website for Medical coders. Many coding tips and tricks are shared on this website, which are very useful for coders. Also, they have few articles about how to prepare for certification exams and also how to improve your skills in coding ICD 10 codes. Do checkout this website to gain more knowledge about medical codes.

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