How to remember Z codes in ICD 10 in Future

Z codes in ICD 10 in place of V code of ICD 9

The new codes of ICD 10 will be the future of diagnosis coding. There are many codes added in ICD 10 CM to replace ICD 9 CM codes. The new codes of ICD 10 CM are very specific and would be very helpful in coding. We are here to share few Z codes of ICD 10 codes, which are going to replace V codes of ICD 9. We have to follow same guidelines for coding ICD 10 codes. Sometimes it is difficult to find correct V codes in ICD 9, so maybe we will face the same problem with ICD 10 codes in future. Hence, we should be prepared for coding these new Z codes, which will be used widely in future.

How to remember Z codes in ICD 10 in Future


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Z codes used as Principal Diagnosis

The principal diagnosis is assigned same as ICD 9 V codes. As we have guidelines for V codes to assign as primary diagnosis, we have Z codes as well to be assigned as primary diagnosis. Following are the condition to assign Z codes as primary diagnosis
When the patient is seen for the sole purpose of therapies like chemotherapy or radiotherapy
Z51.11- Encounter for antineoplastic Chemotherapy
A person who is not currently sick encounters the health services for some specific reason, such as to act as an organ donor, to receive prophylactic care, such as inoculations or health screenings, or to receive counseling on health related issues.
Z45.2 – Encounter for adjustment and management of vascular access device
To indicate the patient is seen for aftercare after having a resolving injury or chronic condition. For example, follow-up fracture where we code the follow-up aftercare code for fracture as primary diagnosis followed by fracture code as secondary diagnosis.
Z47.89 – Encounter for orthopedic aftercare
Newborn, birth status
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Z-codes are used as secondary diagnosis 

As in ICD 9 we have V codes to be used secondary, the same guideline applies with Z codes as well. Following are the Z codes to be used secondary diagnosis in the following scenarios:
Personal or Family history of neoplasm
Z85.3 – Personal history of malignant neoplasm of breast
Z80.41- Family history of malignant neoplasm of ovary
History of disorder or diseases affecting the current diagnosis
Z87.19- Personal history of other diseases of the digestive system
To indicate the outcome of delivery for obstetric patients
Z37.0 – Single Live birth

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