Excellent tips to use SELECTIVE CPT code for Angiogram

Excellent tips to use SELECTIVE CPT code for Angiogram
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For coding interventional percutaneous surgery codes, we have to use supervision and interpretation codes as well. For vascular procedures, we have codes for catheter placement followed by the CPT codes for angiogram for the diagnostic study. These codes are sometimes included with selective catheterization codes (36221-36228) or else should be coded separately. Now, as if you are aware of selective and non-selective catheterization you can easily code the major and minor procedures. However, there are few selective angiogram CPT codes as well which has to be coded on the final position of the catheter. So, let us check when to use these Selective CPT codes for Angiogram.These tips are really important for Certification exams like CPC, you can go through sample CPC questions here which is surely help in clearing CPC exam.

When to code CPT code 75706

The spinal angiogram code includes “Selective” word in supervision and interpretation. This clearly tells us to use these codes only when the catheter reaches the spinal arteries and inject the contrast to study these arteries. The tip of the catheter should be present in the spinal arteries to code the supervision and interpretation CPT code for spinal angiogram. Code 75706 is used for coding spinal angiogram. Use this code only when the catheter is selective in position.

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Coding Visceral Angiogram CPT code 75726

The same rule follows here as well. The CPT code for visceral angiogram includes “Selective” word in it. Hence, is should be coded only when the catheter is present any of the visceral arteries. Mesenteric artery, splenic artery, hepatic artery, celiac artery are the major arteries of Visceral region. So, do remember to code 75726 CPT code only when the tip of the catheter is present in any of these arteries. Also, do remember this code include the abdominal aortogram or angiogram code 75625. Hence, we are not supposed to code 75625 along with CPT code 75726.

Coding tips for Pelvic Angiogram code 75736

The CPT code for Pelvic angiogram is 75736. These are coded only when the branches of internal iliac arteries are studied. CPT code 75736 is also a “Selective” angiogram cpt code. Hence, it should be coded only when the catheter is present in any of the branches of the internal iliac artery. The Pelvic or branches of internal iliac artery includes iliolumbar artery, lateral sacral artery, vaginal artery, umbilical artery, gulteal artery, obturator artery, pudendal artery, inferior vesicle artery and middle rectal artery. Any of these arteries studied with the tip of the catheter present, we can go ahead and code CPT code 75736.

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