Wanna Clear CPC exam?? Follow these Tips

Everyone wants to have a successful career. Being a professional, we always want to choose a career where we can learn and growth every day. So, professionals who choose medical coding as their career choose to gain as much knowledge everyday in this field. So, first basic thing here is to clear Medical coding Certification exams for all professional who want to make a career in Medical coding. Now, the common exam to clear and called yourself a Certified coder is CPC (Certified Profession coder). There are many training question available for CPC exam online. If you really want to clear this exam, start from the basic like learning of CPT codes in medical coding, ICD coding guidelines etc and try to solve sample questions about CPC exam. If you are comfortable with preparing you can choose any Certification exam conducted by AAPC or AHIMA for medical coders. I am here to just share my knowledge and few tips about clearing CPC exam. These tips are really important for Certification exams like CPC, you can go through sample CPC questions here which is surely help in clearing CPC exam.

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Wanna Clear CPC exam?? Follow these Tips


Tips for Preparation and Clearing CPC exam

First and foremost thing is to check out how the question paper pattern in CPC exam. If you see that, the difficult question section is at the beginning and simple question are at the last. So, I would suggest to always attempting those simple questions. The Paper start with surgery section hence you should learn to code sample surgery charts. Also, you can check the ICD and CPT codes coded in few sample charts in my previous post, so that you can get an idea how the medical report is read and coded. Now, as we move there are few questions from Pathology, anesthesia, radiology, Evaluation and management etc. So, do check the guideline for all these section before appearing for these exams. Once you are aware of the guideline you can easily clear the CPC exam.

Preparation for ICD coding guidelines

ICD coding guidelines are very important for CPC exam. If you know them, you will almost give 50% correct answer in CPC exam. ICD guidelines are chapter specific so do prepare them nicely. Sepsis, poisoning, late effect, diabetes, V codes and pregnancy codes should be take care while preparing CPC. These chapters have tricky guidelines and have at least two or more ICD code for each diagnosis. Highlight these guidelines in codebook to easily find these chapters during CPC exam. If you are, clear with these chapters if you easily answer half of the questions in CPC exam.

Time management during CPC exam

Always give some time limit for each question in CPC exam. The surgery question takes lot of time so try to solve that section at last. Many coders fail to attempt all the question and they fail to clear the exam with few marks. There are no negative marking in CPC exam, so Please do attempt all the questions in CPC exam. That is why I would suggest everyone to attempt question, which can answered within seconds and then go for difficult ones. Finally, prepare yourself in such a way that you are able to finish the paper before one hour or half an hour. Such preparation, will give you some time to check your question paper once more if you have missed anything.

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23 July 2016 at 00:33 delete

This story reminded me of how I finally passed the CPC exam after failing it twice.

What really helped me was to do lots of online practice, learn to eliminate wrong answers, and get comfortable with the time limits.

Before I learned how to pass the CPC, I wasted a lot of time looking for free sample questions and study materials that didn't help me at all.

The secret is to use the right materials and practice under the same pressure as in the real test.

The website that helped me the most to pass the CPC is this one:


Hope it helps anyone reading this!