Become Expert in using Z codes in ICD 10

From the time ICD 10 codes have been introduced we are trying to learn them as soon as possible. Since there have been lot of changes we have lot of trouble finding the correct ICD 10 codes. Earlier we use to have V codes in ICD 9 for coding status codes or history codes, but now V codes have been replaced with Z codes. Z codes should be used carefully in ICD 10, since there are few to be used as only primary diagnosis. To follow ICD coding guidelines, we should not code primary diagnosis as secondary diagnosis. Therefore, we will checkout the list of Z codes, which may be only reported as the principal or the first listed diagnosis. There can be exception when there are multiple encounters on the same day and the medical records for the encounters are combined.

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Become Expert in using Z codes in ICD 10

List of Z Codes That May Only be Principal/First-Listed Diagnosis.

Z00   Encounter for general examination without complaint, suspected or reported diagnosis
Except: Z00.6
Z01  Encounter for other special examination without complaint, suspected or reported diagnosis
Z02     Encounter for administrative examination
Z03    Encounter for medical observation for suspected diseases and conditions ruled out
Z04     Encounter for examination and observation for other reasons
Z33.2   Encounter for elective termination of pregnancy
Z31.81 Encounter for male factor infertility in female patient
Z31.82 Encounter for Rh incompatibility status
Z31.83 Encounter for assisted reproductive fertility procedure cycle
Z31.84 Encounter for fertility preservation procedure
Z34;      Encounter for supervision of normal pregnancy
Z39       Encounter for maternal postpartum care and examination
Z38       Liveborn infants according to place of birth and type of delivery
Z42      Encounter for plastic and reconstructive surgery following medical procedure or healed injury
Z51.0   Encounter for antineoplastic radiation therapy
Z51.1-  Encounter for antineoplastic chemotherapy and immunotherapy
Z52 Donors of organs and tissues
Except: Z52.9, Donor of unspecified organ or tissue
Z76.1   Encounter for health supervision and care of foundling
Z76.2   Encounter for health supervision and care of other healthy infant and child
Z99.12 Encounter for respirator [ventilator] dependence during power failure

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