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In Interventional radiology, the procedures are performed with the help of the guidance. In percutaneous surgery, a needle is inserted to take access in the body and the catheter is inserted through same access to diagnose the condition. The catheter is guided correctly with the help of guidance. CPT code 76942 is used ultrasound guidance and the other example of guidance are CPT code 77001, 77002, 77003, 77012, 76937 etc. This Ultrasound guidance CPT code 76942 is different from normal ultrasound procedure like Abdomen ultrasound, renal ultrasound, thyroid ultrasound. CPT code 76942 is used only when a non-vascular interventional radiology exam is performed. This code is very important for Medical Coding Certification Exam as well. In CPC (Certified Professional Coder), there is a question from interventional radiology with a procedure using ultrasound guidance 76942.
Learn when to use CPT code 76942

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When to assign CPT code 76942

The guidance guide should never be used primary. Always remember they are like add-on codes and should be coded along with main procedure. For example, if a liver biopsy is performed using Ultrasound guidance, we will assign CPT code 47000, 76942-26. So, always remember to code the primary major procedure followed by the guidance code. Likewise, fluoroscopic guidance 77003 is specially used only for spinal procedure. For example, if a Lumbar puncture is performed using fluoroscopic guidance, we will assign 62270 followed by 77003 CPT code. So, now you have a clear picture about how and when to use CPT code 76942.These tips are really important for Certification exams like CPC, you can go through sample CPC questions here which is surely help in clearing CPC exam.

Difference between CPT code 76942 and 76937

The main difference between CPT code 76942 and CPT code 76937 is one is used for non-vascular exam and the other is used for vascular exam. Now, you can see the CPT code 76937 is used only with procedures like Central Venous Catheter Placement, AV fistula coding etc. While CPT code 76942 is used mainly with biopsies like breast biopsy, thyroid biopsy, lung biopsy etc. and with injection procedures like arthrogram, myelogram, discogram, arthrocentesis etc. Therefore, before assigning a code, do check the procedure whether it is vascular or non-vascular. For Vascular exam, there is different code for fluoroscopic guidance as well. CPT code 77001 is used for fluoroscopic guidance especially for vascular procedures.

Do and Don’t about CPT code 76942

Do not use CPT code 76942 in place of CPT code 76937. They are very different when performed for vascular or non-vascular exam.
Do not assign CPT code 76942 primary; it should be coded secondary along with main primary procedure.
Do not use CPT code 76942 in place of normal radiology codes for ultrasound like 76700, 76856, 76770 etc. These codes are very different from ultrasound guidance code 76942.

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