Do not know when to use V22.0, V22.1 and V22.2? Read this

Basics about V22.0, V22.1 and V22.2

Chapter 11 codes includes all the complication ICD codes used during pregnancy. These codes should be used carefully. Coders always in a confused state when to use these icd 9 codes or use them primary or secondary. So, here are few set of icd 9 codes V22.0, V22.1 and V22.2 which are very frequently used in pregnancy reports. Before we go ahead and learn about these codes we will just out the code description about these icd 9 codes.

V22.0 - Supervision of first normal pregnancy
V.22.1- Supervision of other normal pregnancy
V22.2-  Supervision of incidental pregnancy

Do not know when to use V22.0, V22.1 and V22.2? Read this

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ICD 10 codes for V22.0, V22.1 and V22.2

In ICD 10, we have ICD 10 code for pregnancy based on trimester. Therefore, we will separate codes for first, second, third and unspecified trimester. For example if we have to code V22.0, V22.1 and V22.2 for unspecified trimester the codes will be as follows

Z34.00-  Encounter for supervision of normal first pregnancy, unspecified trimester

Z34.80 - Encounter for supervision of other normal pregnancy, unspecified trimester
Z34.90 - Encounter for supervision of normal pregnancy, unspecified, unspecified trimester

Z33.1- Pregnant state, incidental 

Coding V22.0, V22.1 and V22.2

V22.2 code is an incidental pregnancy code. When, i say incidental it mean it was not present while attending the physician but after full examination we came to know that the patient is pregnant. So, what i mean to say here is it cannot be used as primary diagnosis V22.2 code. Because, if a patient is coming for diagnosis and the physician is given treatment for that diagnosis, it should be given as primary diagnosis. Also, as per ICD 9 coding guidelines, incidental coding should be always coded secondary. So, I hope you are clear with the coding of V22.2 code in future.These tips are really important for Certification exams like CPC, you can go through sample CPC questions here which is surely help in clearing CPC exam.

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Coding V22.0 and V22.1

Above both codes are similar, only difference about the first pregnancy. So, if the patient is pregant for first time we will use V22.0 and for other pregnancy we will use V22.1. Unlike V22.2, we can use these ICD code primary diagnosis. Because during pregnancy, the patient will have follow up visit with physician regarding any complication or progress of pregnancy. Hence, when no complication are present in this visit, we can use these normal pregnancy ICD 9 code V22.0 and V22.1.

Do not code V22.2 with V22.0 or V22.1

V22.2 being an incidental code  should not be coded with V22.0 or V22.1. It is not possible to have normal or incident pregnancy together. So, avoid using these codes together.

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