Awesome tips for CPT code 74177

In Radiology, there are very specific codes for each anatomic location. This is the only facility where we get easily direct codes if you know how to find a CPT code in codebook. Now, since there are many individual CPT codes like 71010, 71275, 76700 etc. there are few combined codes as well. Here I am just going to tell about the combined codes used for abdominal pelvis that is CPT code 74177, 74176 and 74178. Now, these combine code should be used only when there is procedure performed on both abdomen and pelvis with or without contrast or both.

When to code CPT code 74177 & 74176

CPT code 74177 used only when a CT scan of both abdomen and pelvis is performed with the use of Intravenous contrast. CPT code 74177 should not be used when an oral contrast is used for the study. This is the main difference for CT procedures in radiology generally. So, do check the report properly for CPT code 74177 for coding it. Also, there is separate CPT code for CT of abdomen pelvis without contrast (74176) and with and without contrast (74178). The only main thing to remember while coding cpt code 74177 is do check for the contrast used, only intravenous contrast qualifies for the use of 74177.

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When to code CPT code 74170 & 74160

Now, when only the abdomen region is studied we have separate CPT code 74170 and 74160 to use. These   codes to be used only when CT exam of abdomen is done without pelvis. So, we have CPT code 74170 for with and without use of contrast, CPT code 74160 for with use of intravenous contrast and 74150 for without use of contrast. Here also do check the use of contrast to code CPT code 74170, 74160 and 74150.

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