Difference between Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology

Procedures in Diagnostic Radiology

Being in radiology facility, I have come across the two major classes in which we can divide radiology codes. The two categories will be diagnostic radiology and interventional radiology. Initially during the basic coding, one has to know only about diagnostic radiology. So, I went through first coding X rays like Chest  X rays, Ultrasound like abdominal ultrasound coding, CT/MRI CPT Codes, etc. These will make you understand the basic guidelines used in radiology. There are few complex procedures as well present in diagnostic radiology like coding renal scan with Lasik, breast ultrasound, HIDA scan coding, DEXA bone scan coding, V codes etc. Now, there are few diagnostic imaging codes are present as well in interventional radiology. If you understand these codes you can easily clear AAPC and AHIMA  certification exams. Let us check out it more detail.

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diagnostic and interventional radiology



Diagnostic imaging Codes in Interventional Radiology

Now, as we know there are few supervision and interpretation codes, which have to be used with surgery codes. Here, while performing percutaneous procedure the radiologist is present to interpret the result. So, the coding guideline tells us to use these S&I codes along with surgery CPT codes. For example the abdominal aortogram with runoff code, Peripheral angiography cpt code, nephrostogram cpt code, arthrogram cpt code, arthrocentesis cpt code, tube cholangiogram cpt code, myelogram cpt code, cystography cpt code etc. So, the coder should not forget to give an S&I code for the main surgery codes. Now, these are just few examples, which will help you guide you coding Interventional radiology charts.

Interventional or Therapeutic Radiology CPT Code

This includes the procedure, which helps in treatment of the diagnosis. The diagnosis is found through performed diagnostic procedures. Now, these treatments are all percutaneous (through the skin) procedure. This does not include the open surgery procedures.  For example, angioplasty, stent, atherectomy coding mostly in lower extremity fall under therapeutic or interventional procedure. Hence, these are the most commonly procedure involved in treatment of the diagnosis. Even these procedure of performed in treating AV fistula if any diagnosis is present if fistula.

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