When to code CPT code for Thyroid Ultrasound

Basics about CPT code for Thyroid ultrasound

Ultrasound is done to find any diagnosis related to sign and symptoms in Radiology facility. Thyroid ultrasound is used to find any abnormal finding related to thyroid. The ultrasound helps in detecting nodular or multinodular goiter in thyroid region. CPT code for thyroid ultrasound is also used for examining any soft tissue in neck region. Therefore, any finding like swelling or lump in neck region can lead to Ultrasound of soft tissue neck. Hence CPT code for Thyroid ultrasound in used widely for different region but at same location neck. So, let check out the CPT code used of Thyroid or soft tissue neck.These tips are really important for Certification exams like CPC, you can go through sample CPC questions here which is surely help in clearing CPC exam.

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cpt code for thyroid ultrasound

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When to code CPT code for Thyroid Ultrasound

When the physician performs an exam to find a disorder related to thyroid or neck region, it is usually ultrasound of Thyroid or neck. The CPT code for thyroid ultrasound 76536 is used to code for such exam. The main diagnosis found during this exam can be treated if they are at initial stages. A single nodule in thyroid has a more chance of being malignant. FNA exam is sometimes recommended if the nodule has size smaller than 10mm since it can be suspicious of causing malignancy. There is little common diagnosis found during Thyroid ultrasound, which are mention below:

ICD 9 codes
Neck swelling – 784.2
Thyroid cyst- 246.2
Nodular Goiter – 241.0
Multinodulcar Goiter – 241.1

ICD 10 codes
Neck swelling – R22.1
Thyroid cyst – E04.1 Non-Toxic single thyroid nodule
Nodular Goiter - E04.1
Non-toxic Multinodular Goiter – E04.2

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