Important Acronyms in Medical coding: Always Remember them

In US healthcare, we have some to the common Acronyms which are used frequently.So, we are here to learn about these acronyms used in Medical coding. Some of you must have come across to these, let us checkout these commonly used acronyms.

Important Acronyms: Always Remember them

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AA   Anesthesia Assistant   

A/B  MAC A/B Medicare Administrative Contractor

ABN  Advanced Beneficiary Notice

AMA  American Medical Association

ASC   Ambulatory Surgical/Surgery Center

CBC  Complete Blood Count

CFR  Code of Federal Regulations

CMS Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

CMT Chiropractic Manipulative Treatment

CMV  Cytomegalovirus

CNS  Central Nervous System

CPAP Continuous Positive Airway Pressure

CPR  Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

CPT Current Procedural Terminology 

CRNA Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist

CT       Computed Tomography

CTA Computed Tomographic Angiography

DME Durable Medical Equipment

D.O. Doctor of Osteopathy

DOJ Department of Justice

ECG Electrocardiogram

E/M or E&M Evaluation & Management Services

EEG Electroencephalogram

EMG Electromyogram

FNA Fine Needle Aspiration

HCPCS Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System

HLA Human Leukocyte Antigen

IPPB Intermittent Positive Pressure Breathing

IVP Intravenous Pyelogram

LC  Left Circumflex Coronary Artery

LD Left Anterior Descending Coronary Artery

LT Left Side

MAC Monitored Anesthesia Care

M.D. Medical Doctor

MRA Magnetic Resonance Angiography

MRI  Magnetic Resonance Imaging

MUE Medically Unlikely Edit

NCCI National Correct Coding Initiative

PET  Positron Emission Tomography

PSC Program Safeguard Contractor

PTP Procedure-To-Procedure

RAC Recovery Audit Contractor

RC Right Coronary Artery

RT Right Side

RS&I Radiological Supervision and Interpretation

SPECT Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography

SSA Social Security Act

UOS Unit(s) of Service

VAD Ventricular Assist Device

WBC White Blood Cell

ZPIC Zoned Program Integrity Contractor

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