Killer Tricks to learn How to use New Modifier XE

As we know there are always new codes introduced every year in Medical coding. This time we have new modifiers as well along with CPT codes in 2015. Now, since the time the new modifiers are introduced there has been confusion around how to use these modifiers. We are talking about XE, XS, XU and XP modifiers. Since we have to learn them individually, we will take only one modifier this time. Let checkout in this article how to use XE modifier in 2015. These new modifiers should be learnt as soon as fast since while appearing for certification exams like CPC from AAPC, CCS from AHIMA etc the coder should use the correct modifier. So, let us clear the confusion about XE modifier.
Killer tricks to learn how to use new modifier XE in 2015

Simple technique to learn XE modifier

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Now, we know the XE modifier stands for X-Encounter. This clearly indicates there should be different encounter on same day with same physician to use this modifier. Now, as we know previous we use to use only 59 modifier even if there is different encounter or different anatomic site with same procedure code. But, to limit the use of 59 modifier these new modifiers have been introduced. Now we will check with the help of simple example how to apply XE modifier while radiology coding medical charts.

Example to use XE modifier

Now suppose a patient comes in morning for an injury in the right wrist. The physician perform three views of x-ray of right wrist, the CPT code will be 73110-RT. The physician find there is a fracture in the wrist due to the injury. The patient goes back. After few hours, the patient again comes on same day to same physician for the Post reduction of the right wrist fracture. In this visit the physician perform two view of x-ray for right wrist; the CPT code will be 73100-RT. Now, both procedure performed on same day will have CCI because of difference in levels. So, here we have to use XE modifier with 73100 CPT code to bypass the CCI edit. So, finally the CPT codes for both the procedures will be

Ist Encounter- 73110-RT
2nd encounter- 73100-RT, XE

Hope, you have a clear idea now how to use XE modifier while coding medical charts medical coding.
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