Awesome tips to learn new codes for modifier 59 in 2015

 New codes for modifier 59

In 2015, Modifier 59 will have some new companions. Yes, you guessed it right; we will have four new modifiers to be used with modifier 59. We know that until now we were using only 59 modifier to distinct one procedure from other procedure, irrespective to tell detail that is more specific about the difference between them. However, with the introduction of new modifier we will be able to distinct more specifically between reports. If the new modifiers do not justify with the scenario we can go ahead with 59 modifier as we were coding previously. Coding 59 modifier will be our last opinion, since it will be least specific modifier among all. Now check out the new modifiers introduced in 2015.

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Awesome tips to learn new codes for modifier 59 in 2015
XE Separate Encounter: a service that is distinct because it occurred during a separate encounter

XS Separate Structure: a service that is distinct because it was performed on a separate organ/structure

XP Separate Practitioner: a service that is distinct because it was performed by a different practitioner; and

XU Unusual Non-Overlapping Service: the use of a service that is distinct because it does not overlap usual components of the main service.

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Difference between new codes for modifier 59

As we know, the new codes are having difference in the second alphabet (XE, XS, XP and XU) in the code. The second alphabet denotes the difference to check in between the report. Getting confused, do not worry you will understand it slowly. Now, let us take an example to understand on this code. Lets checkout the XS code. XS code is given when we are coding same CPT code for difference anatomic location or structure. For example, for coding Doppler ultrasound of veins for upper and lower extremity for unilateral and bilateral we are using only on code.
93970- Doppler ultrasound veins extremity, bilateral
93971- Doppler ultrasound veins extremity, unilateral

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Now, when we come across two reports with Doppler ultrasound vein, bilateral for Upper and lower extremity, we will use XS modifier with any one report, to show the exam is done of different structure. This is the best example to understand when to use new modifier XS. Such small difference will help us to help us to understand between the new codes for modifier for 59.
Now, XE modifier is used when there is different encounter for same procedure. XP is used when there is different practitioner is used for same procedure. We will need more clarification for these modifiers in future along with reports. These modifiers will become more clear when will start coding them on live report. As far as I would just suggest, if we are not sure what exact modifier to use we can still use modifier 59 to be on safe side.
Hope, you would learn about the new codes for modifier 59 used in 2015. If you like the article, do comment and share it.

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