Make your Choice: AAPC versus AHIMA

Medical coding certification exams are conducted by AAPC and AHIMA. Both AAPC and AHIMA conduct exams every year for different facilities. Medical coders specialized in their facility can appear for their respective coding exam. For example for outpatient coders, CPC (Certified Professional coder) certification is very important to become professional coders. CPC exam is conducted by AAPC and is very helpful for coders in their career if they clear this exam. Likewise, for inpatient coders, AHIMA conducts CCS (Certified coding specialist) exam for medical coders to test their knowledge in outpatient and inpatient settings. These tips are important for Certification exams like CPC; you can go through sample CPC questions here that are surely help in clearing CPC exam.

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Make your Choice: AAPC versus AHIMA

AAPC and AHIMA exams have lot of difference is exam and paper pattern, but the aim is same that is to make coders certified. Now, as we know there is more number of AAPC certified coders in Healthcare domain compared to AHIMA. Therefore, it is obvious coders prefer AAPC exam to appear than AHIMA. The simple reason to appear for AAPC exam is that exams are little easy to clear compared to AHIMA. AAPC questions pattern is objective compared to AHIMA subjective question pattern. Let us understand this by comparing the exam conducted by AAPC and AHIMA.

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CPC versus CCS

If you are professional medical coder, you will surely find difficult to find CCS coders in market. As per my experience, I have come across one CCS coder across twenty CPC coders. So, my ratio is 1:20 between CCS and CPC certified coder. Now the question why is that so? CCS exam is conducted by AHIMA with almost same cost as CPC exam. However, the exam has subjective questions and has only one attempt to clear it. On the contrary, CPC exam has all 150 MCQ questions and we have 2 attempts to clear the exam. Now, if you compare both of them, coders prefer to go with CPC exam. CCS exam being tough to clear, coders do not want to take risk since they can lose their money if they do not clear in first attempt. For CPC exam, it’s simple paper pattern of MCQ questions and having a free extra attempt makes coders to go with this exam.

CPC Practice Exam - Medical Coding Study Guide Please Click Here!

AAPC and AHIMA together

Having certification from both AAPC and AHIMA will be very good as Professional Medical coder. After having certified with CPC and CCS, the coder will have lot of opportunities in outpatient as well as inpatient setting. I would suggest get a healthy experience before appearing for CCS exam. For CPC exam, having an experience of six months in coding would be enough to clear the exam. However, for CCS exam, coders require to have a in and out knowledge about the inpatient setting and coding live charts. So, please have a healthy knowledge in this field if you are going for CCS. To be successful Professional coder, it would great to get as many certifications. The more certified you are, the more knowledgeable and qualified you are.

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I prefer AAPC. I have taken both the CPC and the CCS-P exams. Yes the CCS-P exam was different not harder. In the CPC you are testing on coding. The CCS-P tests you on other things including coding. I passed both tests my first time. Thank you. Holly May, CIRCC, COC, CPC, CCS-P