Secret tips to code CT/MRI Cpt Code for Arthrogram Joint

Procedure for Cpt code for Arthrogram Joint

Arthrogram procedures are performed on joints. The procedure is performed to find any abnormality present in joints. The procedure involves use of contrast to inject into the joint and obtain images under fluoroscopy. The whole procedure is done percutaneously. Arthrograms are immediately followed by the CT or MRI scan. CT or MRI scan gives more information on the images obtained through arthrogram. Arthrogram is a diagnostic procedure. If any harmful disorder is diagnosed in the joints, it can be treated through interventional procedures.
Secret tips to code CT/MRI Cpt Code for Arthrogram Joint

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Cpt Code for Arthrogram Joint

Cpt Codes are given as per joints under study. We have separate codes for arthrogram procedure performed on each joint. The codes vary but the technique used on these joints is same. These are the most common procedure performed on joints. Below are the CPT codes for arthrogram used for different joints from top to bottom.

23350- Shoulder
25246- Wrist
27095/27093- hip
27370- Knee
27648- Ankle

These CPT code for arthrogram are used for interventional radiology (IR) procedures. These procedures are immediately followed by the CT or MRI scan.

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CT/MRI post Cpt code for Arthrogram

Most of the coders who are not aware of arthrogram procedure code all the reports of CT/MRI post arthrogram as without contrast. All CT/MRI post arthrogram charts should be codes as with contrast.  But, due to lack of knowledge about IR coding, coders will code such charts incorrectly. So, whenever there are charts of CT/MRI of joints immediately done after arthrogram do code these charts as with contrast. Below are the codes used for coding CT/MRI post arthrogram procedure:

Upper Extremity

CT of upper extremity with contrast- 73201
MRI of joint (shoulder, elbow, wrist) upper extremity with contrast- 73222

Lower extremity

CT of lower extremity with contrast -73701
MRI of joint (hip, knee, ankle) lower extremity with contrast – 73722

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MRI/CT post Myelogram

The same thing is followed with CT/MRI studies followed by Myelogram procedures. Follow, the same technique while code post Myelogram CT/MRI procedures. These CT/MRI exam followed by Myelogram are also coded as with contrast. Myelogram procedures are done on spine region (cervical, thoracic & lumbar spine). Below the codes used for Myelogram and the CT/MRI post Myelogram.

Myelogram Cpt Codes

Cervical spine (C1-C2) - 61055
Other than cervical spine (thoracic & Lumbar) - 62284

CT/MRI post Myelogram

Cervical Spine
CT with contrast-72126
MRI with contrast-72142

Thoracic Spine
CT with contrast- 72129
MRI with contrast- 72147

Lumbar Spine
CT with contrast – 72132
MRI with contrast- 72149

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