Remove confusion about Cpt code for MRCP

Basics for CPT code for MRCP

Remove confusion about Cpt code for MRCPMRCP (Magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography) is a non-invasive technique using magnetic resonance imaging to study biliary and pancreatic ducts. MRCP is done mainly to detect any duct obstruction like gallstones, cystic biliary diseases, postop complications, pancreatic cancer or cholangiocarcinoma.  It is less invasive technique compared to ERCP (endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography). MRCP exam helps in more details study of biliary structures. The CPT code for MRCP is used very rarely in medical coding. But, when we come across with CPT code for MRCP, coders get blank since they never come across to such procedure. MRCP procedure can be get confused with ERCP procedure.

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HCPCS and Cpt code for MRCP

There is no specific CPT code for MRCP. The MRI codes for abdomen 74181-74183 are used as non-specific CPT code for MRCP. There is a HCPCS and supply code for MRCP is also provided with code S8037. This code is not payable for Medicare. Hence, it should not be reported with Medicare patient. Sometimes, MRCP includes standard MRI of abdomen along with 3D or MIP (Maximum Intensity Projection) images to evaluate pancreaticobiliary system. Hence, we have to use 3D CPT code 76376 or 76377 along with CPT code 74181-74183 as per the documentation for CPT code for MRCP. Do not code 3D code is there is insufficient documentation along with MRCP protocol.

Technique documentation for CPT code for MRCP

The technique can vary depending on the documentation but it would lead to MRCP protocol. So, for cpt code for MRCP we are have to use MRI cpt codes for abdomen 74181-74183 depending on the contrast documentation.

The Technique with documentation of 3D should be check properly to code CPT code for MRCP. The technique should document the presence or absence of workstation to code CPT code 76376-76377.

Just check only three things for CPT code for MRCP- look for finding for pancreaticobiliary system, check for MRCP protocol documentation along with MRI for abdomen and finally check if they have done along with 3D or MIP images to add one more cpt with CPT code for MRCP.

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