Easy guide to remember Cpt Code for ultrasound

Basic of Cpt code for Ultrasound

Easy guide to remember Cpt Code for ultrasound
Ultrasound is used very commonly by physician to find any abnormality. Ultrasound procedures are coded regularly by medical coders. In medical coding, CPT code for ultrasound is very important. In every 10 medical charts almost 5 charts will have ultrasound procedure done. Ultrasounds are the basic procedure done to find any stage of disease or disorder. So, let checkout the CPT code for ultrasound procedure used very frequently in medical coding.

Easy guide to remember Cpt Code for ultrasound
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 Cpt Code for ultrasound of head and neck region

The head and neck ultrasound is done if a patient is having headache, dizziness, syncope and ALOC.  Ultrasound of head and neck can help in finding the diagnosis of major diseases like migraine, abnormal mass, hydrocephalus, cerebral edema, lesion, subdural and extradural hemorrhage etc.
76536- Ultrasound of head and neck (e.g., thyroid, parathyroid, parotid)
76506- Encephalography, for newborn kids

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Cpt Code for ultrasound abdomen
Abdomen ultrasound is done when the patient is having abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea as symptoms. These symptoms can lead to harmful diseases like constipation, diverticulosis, gastrointestinal hemorrhage etc. Abdominal ultrasound is done to in limited and compete region. Limited ultrasound of abdomen includes only one organ or one quadrant study of abdomen. Complete ultrasound of abdomen includes examination of all eight organs which include gallbladder, liver, common bile duct, pancrease, spleen, two kidneys, inferior vena cava and Aorta.
76700- Ultrasound abdomen, Complete
76705- Ultrasound Abdomen, Limited

Cpt Code for Ultrasound, Renal

Kidney or renal ultrasound is done where there is any symptoms related to kidney like flank pain. The flank pain may be due to renal calculus, hematuria, hydrocephalus etc.  Kidney or renal ultrasound is also done in limited and completed region. Completed ultrasound includes both kidneys and bladder examination with renal diagnosis while limited examination includes examination of any particular organ of urinary system. Also, we have a CPT code for ultrasound transplanted kidney which includes Doppler studies as well. The icd code used for transplanted kidney ultrasound exam is V42.0, renal transplant status.
76775- Ultrasound renal, limited
76770- Ultrasound renal, complete
76776- Ultrasound renal, transplanted kidney includes Doppler exam.

Cpt Code for ultrasound Pelvis

Pelvis exam is done to examine uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes. Any abnormality related to these organs can be found out through ultrasound of pelvis examination. Cpt Code for ultrasound pelvis is also coded as limited and complete. For Trans-abdominal exam of pelvis and Transvaginal ultrasound we have separate CPT code

76856- Ultrasound Trans- abdominal Pelvis, complete
76857- Ultrasound Trans- abdominal Pelvis, limited
76830- Ultrasound Transvaginal
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