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Know about ICD 9 code HIV

Tricks to code ICD 9 code HIV Human Immunodeficiency Virus [HIV] is a retrovirus. The most common type, HIV-1, is the infectious agent that causes AIDS. HIV-2 is less common and less virulent but eventually does demonstrate clinical findings similar to HIV-1. HIV is a sexually transmitted disease. HIV can also be transmitted via blood and blood products. This type of contaminations occurs most commonly through the use of shared needles among intravenous drug abusers, but can also occur following a blood transfusion. HIV infected women can pass the virus to the fetus in-utero or to an infant via breast milk. ICD 9 code HIV is used very important from how it is documented in the report. Since we have ICD 9 code HIV for positive, screening and HIV asymptomatic cases. Clinical AIDS is defined when the CD4 lymphocyte count drops below 200/ml (microliter). According to public health guidelines, preventive therapy should be started when an HIV-positive person who has no symptoms registers a CD4 count under 200. Also checkout the diagnosis code for harmful disorder alcoholic cirrhosis and icd 9 coding of severe sepsis.

ICD 9 code HIV in tabular form

Code description
ICD-9 Code Description
ICD-9 code
ICD-10 code
HIV with extensive O.R. procedure with MCC

Human Immunodeficiency Virus [HIV]

HIV with extensive O.R. procedure without MCC

Asymptomatic HIV Infection Status

HIV with major related condition with MCC

Nonspecific serologic evidence of human immunodeficiency

HIV with major related condition with CC


HIV with major related condition without CC/MCC


HIV with or without other related condition


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ICD 9 code HIV documentation support.

 History and Physical: Diagnosis of ICD 9 code HIV is made by detection of the HIV antigen in the blood. Physical examination may be entirely normal in asymptomatic HIV infected patients. In symptomatic patients, signs and symptoms can be nonspecific or very specific of HIV infection. Patients can present with complaints such as weight loss, fevers, night sweats, mouth lesions, diarrhea, tingling, or numbness, which are nonspecific for a diagnosis of HIV. The presence of certain opportunistic infections such as pneumocystis carinii pneumonia or an aggressive cancer like Kaposi’s sarcoma is indicative of clinical AIDS.

Hope, you can easily code ICD 9 code HIV along with icd 9 and icd 10 whichever is required in future.

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