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Notes on Lumbar Discography Cpt Code
Median sagittal section of two lumbar vertebræ and their ligaments. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Introduction on Lumbar discography CPT Code

Lumbar discography is an injection technique to evaluate patients with back pain.  When most of the extensive treatment does not evaluate any result for leg pain, groin pain, back pain or lower back pain, lumbar discography is performed on such patients. Lumbar discography helps in evaluating the reason for this pain generator. The most common use of discography is for surgical planning prior to lumbar fusion. The diagnostic procedure for discography is called as discogram. Hence, in medical coding Lumbar Discography Cpt Code is very important to learn. In spinal procedure lumbar discography CPT code is frequently used. It is also refer as lumbar discogram.

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Procedure performed for Lumbar discography CPT Code

Discography or discogram is performed to check the amount of damage occurred in intervertebral disc. The patient is placed in lateral decubitus position with flexed hips and knees on image intensification table. The injection site is sterilized and local anesthesia is injected. A small wound is created in the tissue overlying the vertebrae. The physician inserts a needle with 45 degree angle to the center toward the Lumbar spine. For cervical and thoracic spine, the physician inserts the needle with 35 degree angle towards the spine. The needle is monitored radio graphically. Once the needle reaches the lamina and into the disc, the physician injects 1 to 2 ml of contrast medium. A series of images are taken by the radiologist and interpreted and procedure may be again performed on another level. The wound is dressed.
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Lumbar Discography Cpt Code

The details description about lumbar discography is given below
Procedure Description
CPT code
Supervision and Interpretation (S&I) code
Injection for Discography each level: Lumbar
Injection for Discography each level: Cervical or Thoracic
Injection for Discography for each additional level: lumbar
Injection for Discography each additional level: Cervical or Thoracic

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Both the surgical and RS&I codes should be reported once for each level injected and studied.

Example of report for Lumbar Discography CPT Code

Lumbar Discography

Indication: Back pain

Technique: Informed consent was obtained following discussion of risks benefits and alternatives. All questions were answered. Patient was then placed in the prone position the back was prepped and draped in usual sterile fashion. Fluoroscopic guidance was used to localize the L3-4, L4-5 and L5-S1 intervertebral disc spaces. Using a left-sided approach, after the infiltration local anesthesia 22-gauge spinal needle was introduced into the L3-4 intervertebral disc space from a paravertebral approach into the midline of the disc. This was confirmed with fluoroscopy. The L4-5 disc was entered in a similar fashion. The L5-S1 disc was entered in a similar fashion. Contrast was then injected under fluoroscopic guidance. Responses of the patient were recorded. The needles were then removed. Patient was then transferred to CT for additional imaging. There were no complications. 1.5 mg Versed was given intravenously during the procedure. Nursing and physician supervision were provided for 30 minutes. 1 g Ancef was mixed with the contrast used for the discography. Patient was given Toradol at the end of the procedure.

Findings: L3-4: P0 response normal-appearing disc fluoroscopically. L4-5: P0 response this fluoroscopic evidence of an anterior tear with contrast extending out to the outer annulus anteriorly. The disc otherwise appears normal. L5-S1: P0 response, Degenerative disc with evidence of posterior contrast extending out to the outer annulus.
1. Lumbar discography as described above.
CPT: 62290, 62290-59, 62290-59, 72295, 72295-59, 72295-59
ICD: 724.5
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