Important V codes used in Medical Coding

There are many different icd codes in medical coding. Professionals who take medical coding as career, only knows about numeric codes. But, during training session of medical coding they come to know many different icd codes. So, v codes are a set of codes used in medical coding. V codes in medical coding are used very frequently. There are very less V codes but still they used frequently. V codes explain very specifically about the diagnosis. So, v codes in medical coding play a vital role in diagnosis coding.

How to use V codes in medical coding

V codes in Medical Coding GuideV codes in medical coding are used as primary or secondary code. In icd code book we have notation next to v codes as PDx. This indicated that the v code should be always used as Primary code, PDx. Also, we have to sometimes use one more V code as secondary code to give more information. This v code is called as secondary v code. This you can easily understand with the following example.
For joint replacement we have to code two codes. The first or primary code is the joint replacement code followed by the specific joint being replaced code. So, if there is a report with should joint replacement the codes will be as follows
V 54.81, v43.61
Here, v54.81 is the joint replacement code and the secondary code is telling that should joint is replaced. This is the way the V codes in medical coding gives more specific information about the status of patient.

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Primary v codes in Medical coding

There are a list of V codes in medical coding which are commonly used. So, I would just mention a few of them.
V58.0 Encounter for Radiation therapy.
V58.11 Encounter for anti-neoplastic chemotherapy.
V58.13 Encounter for anti-neoplastic Immunotheraphy.
V58.81 Fitting and adjustment for vascular catheter
V58.67 Long term (current) use of insulin.
V58.82 Fitting and adjustment for non-vascular catheter
V54.89 other orthopedic aftercare
V58.42 Aftercare surgery neoplasm.

Secondary v codes in medical coding

The secondary v codes in medical coding are generally used for v45 and v46 series. These are devices placement codes like V45.01 cardiac pacemaker in situ and V46.11 dependence on respirator status.

Screening V codes in medical coding

There are some screening V codes which are commonly used in medical coding. Some commonly used screening v codes are listed below
V81.2 for screening of cardiovascular codition. This code is used very often with G0389 cpt code for screening of abdominal aortic aneurysm, AAA for medicare patient.
V74.1 for screening of pulmonary tuberculosis.
V72.5 for other radiological examination
V82.81 Special Screening of Osteoporosis. This v code is often used with the DEXA exam which is done to check the density of the session of medical coding

History of Neoplasm V codes in medical coding

All the history codes for neoplasm are v codes. These V codes are mainly used as secondary codes. All the v code fall in V10 category series. For example the history code for breast neoplasm is V10.3.
So, V codes give a very useful information. These should be used as per coding guidelines. Now, you can easily code any of these V codes. If you like the article do share it.

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