Secret tips for renal ultrasound cpt code in radiology facility

CPT code for renal ultrasound
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In medical coding, radiology facility has specific codes for all procedures. The procedures are sometimes done incomplete or complete. For example, while studying ultrasound abdomen complete physician will examine all eight organs. But, when the physician performs ultrasound of one particular organ or quadrant then we have a separate cpt code. So, here we have some cpt codes depending on the procedure performed. Now, renal ultrasound cpt code also has different procedure codes. To learn about that, we will first see how to reach out to these cpt codes.These tips are really important for Certification exams like CPC, you can go through sample CPC questions here which will surely help in clearing CPC exam.

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 Renal Ultrasound cpt code coding tips

There are two cpt codes used for renal ultrasound, 76775 and 76770. We can easily search the code in cpt code book. Just go to index and check for ultrasound and under that look for renal or kidney. These cpt codes are used depending upon the documentation. The cpt code 76775 is used for renal ultrasound limited. The cpt code 76770 is used for renal ultrasound complete. 

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Renal ultrasound CPT code differences

As I have mention there are two cpt codes for renal ultrasound. Now, the first code 76775 is coded when it is a limited exam. Limited exam don't have all the retroperitoneal organs. Retroperitoneal organs includes two kidneys and urinary bladder. So, these organs should be mention for cpt code for renal ultrasound. The complete renal ultrasound exam is coded as 76770. In this exam the physician examine all the retroperitoneal organs. So, the domentation will include both kidneys and the urinary bladder. So, we have to only check the organs examined by the physician. This will help us to take a correct cpt code for renal ultrasound.

Diagnosis needed for renal ultrasound cpt code


When we are coding renal ultrasound cpt code, renal diagnosis is important to check. The document should mention the renal diagnostic finding to code a complete renal ultrasound. So, when we are coding renal ultrasound two thing to remember
  1. Retroperitoneal organ (two kidneys and urinary bladder)
  2. Renal or urinary bladder diagnosis
So, if both the criteria are mention in document, we can code the complete renal ultrasound, 76770. On the other hand, if the document miss any of these criteria, we have to code limited cpt code for renal ultrasound, 76775.

Now, you can easily code cpt code for renal ultrasound. If you like the article do share it.

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