Medical coding companies in your cities.

Medical coding companies in your cities.
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How to join and grow in Medical coding and Billing Companies in your city?

Medical coding has been growing very fast in India. A decade before very few companies in india have started Medical coding in there companies. But, now there are so many Medical coding companies in india especially in south india. Student from life science background especially Nursing, B.Sc graduates and Pharmacy students are more attracted to this field. I am also a M.Sc Postgraduate and was looking a job in my field especially in research.
But, since being a fresher companies don't give preference to us. So, I started locating companies where life science students are preferred for their projects though the salary will be less but they will give a chance to freshers to work. Also I would suggest for freshers don't get frustrated if you don't a job and don't loose hope keep trying and one day you will succeed. I started searching companies through and which are very helpful to search companies and consultancies looking for unemployed professional.
One day I saw a profile about Medical coding, i was a bit interested in it, since they were taking fresher and it was a interested profile. So, after giving a written test and personal interview i got selected and i entered into this field. It was around 3 years back I took medical coding as career. But now if you can see I am earning 35,000 rupees per month in hand which is quite good compared to a software profession. But i would also like to mention this is my third healthcare company. And still I am getting calls from different companies who are ready to pay me more. So, the story is medical coding is a very good option for Life science graduates.

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To add more information to this, medical coders are having very nice apportunities in UAE. Many of my friends have already moved to Dubai, Abu Dhabi after working in india and gaining few years experience in medical coding, but you should be AAPC or AHIMA certified coder to go abroad. So, don't be nervous that we are not a software professional so we can't earn equal to them, because we are also having equal apportunities to grow in your field its just about to keep confidence in yourself and choose a right path.

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Medical coding and Billing as a Career in Healthcare Business.

Nowadays, to enter in Medical coding and Billing is very easy. But to keep growing and gaining knowledge is little difficult especially in Medical coding. In this field we have different speciality from outpatient, inpatient, ED (emergency department), surgery etc. Now, to be perfect in each of this field the coders should have the core knowledge of human anatomy and physiology and also about coding guidelines. When i started my career I was a radiology coder, to learn radiology i was not so difficult because there are many direct CPT codes which are easy to search. But after 1 year I started coding Interventional Radiology Coding (IVR) Procedures which are totally different which I was coding in beginning. Since IVR is about Percutaneous surgery procedures the cpt codes have to applied very carefully especially about vascular procedures. If you ready some of my articles you will come to know how to code some IVR reports. So, the main point to focus here is Medical coding is like a ocean, one has to keep learning, the more you learn the more is your demand in market. Now, if you see there is more demand for inpatient coders in market. So, if you are inpatient coder you can easily earn 40000 per month in India. So, “keep learning and keep growing”.

List of Medical coding companies.

Medical coding Companies are growing day by day and many software companies are getting interested in Healthcare business, a few of them is Dell, Congnizant and Wipro.
Now, if you really wanna earn nice money in this field I should recommend to join a company in Chennai because there is so much competition that companies give good fresher salary to professional. Now below are the few Medical coding companies you should go for

Ajuba - Largest Healthcare with maximum number of Medical coders



Omega Healthcare

Lapiz Healthcare


Now, After Chennai the other biggest hub for Medical coders is Hyderabad, where we have many coding companies. Here we have few details about them,
United Health Group (UHG)- Growing very fast and ranked 1st in Healthcare in US.

Anthelio- a average one to work with no stability.

Genpact- a very good MNC with good work environment but less pay.


Apollo Healthstreet- a good place to learn but less pay.

Elico- work enviornment not so good but for freshers nice place to learn.

Medtek- here you can learn transcription and coding both simultaneously.


PI-International- a good place to work for HCC coders.


Few of the healthcare companies located a different cities are listed below which are also having good opportunities for coders, have a look at them.
Gebbs Healthcare Solutions, Mumbai - a very good MNC for coders both fresher and experienced.

WNS- Pune, Nashik

Care Management International- Pune

Omega Healthcare, Bangalore- nice place to learn but work environment is not good and also pay is less.

Vee Technologies- Bangalore, Salem

XL health- a part of UHG and has opening mainly for HCC projects.

Hope, this article helps to find out know about Medical coding companies and how to grow working in this healthcare business. Medical coders have great potential from future point of view, so keep learning and motivating others who are feeling insure about their future in this field. Please feel free to comment for any question or suggestion regarding my blog or an article. Thank you...!!!

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