Computer Assited Coding (CAC) program for Medical coding

Need of Computer Assisted Coding

From the time when people have taking medical coding as there career, they would have never thought that one day computer will take there place for coding the patient charts. Yes, now we can have the software or application which are there in market which will automatically code the charts depending upon the documentation. In short, Computer Assisted Coding application will help in coding charts.
In the initial days, when I took medical coding as my career I never imagine that one day software will be programmed to code the charts. I used to code manually the patient charts while searching the codes in the code search manual. We used to remember most of the codes and hardly used to search a code till we are not confident enough about that code. But still I used to code around 500 radiology charts per day. It includes all x-rays, MRI, CT , nuclear medicine etc charts coding both the ICD and CPT for each charts. And again those charts used to go through the QA (quality analyst ) team to check out the errors in that, once it is cleared by QA team it is send to client finally. So, I just want to tell you people the amount of work we used to do while coding the live charts without any application or software. But, you can see now the improved technology has made software which will itself will code those charts and hence will reduce lot of work.

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What is Computer Assisted Coding?

CAC is nothing but a application which will be available to download through web. Clients will upload there file on this software for coding. The CAC application itself is programmed in such a way that it will scan each the document and code the appropriate code both ICD and CPT. Hence, such kind of work will automatically increase the productivity for the whole day. Hence, the kind of work a coder is to do is done by application like CAC. Hence, the job of coder will be decrease since to enhance the productivity on has to go with CAC.

Now, when we talk about quality given by application like CAC, it will only follow the rules which are programmed in the software. Hence, if the documentation is improper or have insufficient information the application won't be able to find out the proper codes to code, hence landing to a wrong code. So, what I mean to say is when we used these application the client have some specific guidelines to follow while coding these charts which the application won't be able to find out and hence won't code it accordingly. Hence, at such moment coders can be very useful since they can go in and out about the coding guidelines to code these files as per client guidelines. So, the role of the coder is still important while using such application.

So the whole story is we can depend upon application for coding charts but we should have helping hand of the coder as well to keep checking the performance or the quality of the charts coded by the application like CAC. Nowadays, clients are most there work through these application and I have seen some of the coder working on it. I was really happy to see the application because first of all it was very user friendly. The application has whole information in one window itself right from the patient demographic details to patient ID to client name to ICD, CPT and the chart itself. When I used to code I remember to navigate to separate windows to find out ICD and CPT. Also, these application have a embedded code search engine, so if we want to find any code we can search in this application no need to open any other application to find a code.

Now, if would speak about the efficiency and performance of these application, that is much better than the software I have used. The software is too fast to code as many charts in an hour, as per my knowledge the amount of chart I used to code manually, this application helps us to code double the charts depending upon its speed. So, finally the amount of work done per day easily done in half day time so obviously increasing the productivity of the work. And the quality which I have found is also around 80% to 90% is correct, and with the help of coder to use in this work we can easily reach to 100% since the coder can erase the errors made by the application.

So, all and all medical coding will be again a booming area for the coding professional. Now there will more improvement on this application so that they would be able to code the surgery charts. Till now as per my knowledge some of the Healthcare firm have started to use these application for coding. It will good to see how these application will be programmed to code ER, ED, surgery etc coding in future.
Now the coders working on these application have turned into auditors. Since the work of the coder have bee taken by these application, the coders have to move one step ahead take the job of an auditor. But, I would strongly recommend to have CPC certified coder to use such application. A trainee coder will have to go through the basic coding first and hence he won't be able to catch with such software as fast as a certified coder since they have not have any experience in coding live charts.

In future I would just like to go and have a experience in coding in such application. Experience on such application can help you gain some nice coding experience on updated software also since there is so much demand you can use your skills at any part of the globe. So I just want to update you all about the coding application available in the market for medical coding.

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